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RW Materials is a leading developer and manufacturer of high quality joint and crack sealants.

RW Materials has specialized in developing quality crack sealant for 29 years. Our extensive knowledge of the industry has led to the development of over 10 different crack sealants, 6 of them CAL TRANS approved. When we started Road Works, one of the nation’s largest crack sealing companies, in 1988 we recognized that the current marketplace was lacking in quality specialized materials that fit the needs of different climates and environments. So we here at Road Works, with our acquired experience and understanding of the industry, began to develop and manufacture new materials. RW Materials was born.

RW Materials manufactures top quality crack seal material at our plant in Southern California. Most of our products are Cal-Trans approved and we have the highest customer satisfaction rate in the industry. Because we manufacture our own material we can meet any spec requirements your project calls for.
Here are some of the qualities our materials are known for:

• Sets up quickly, in all temperatures, allowing traffic to drive on it within minutes
• No Detac needed
• Resilience at high temperatures
• Prevent entry of water
• Greater flexibility at low temperatures
• Prolongs the life of cracked asphalt pavement
• Ease of application
• Formulated to allow cracks freedom of movement
• Great adhesion properties
• Superior recovery properties
• Achieves temperature quickly in melters
• Improved flow resistance

We are confident you will be extremely happy with our material.
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